Not in email and centennially not in our analytics!

The Google Analytics Spam issue is unfortunately becoming more and more common in recent years so what should we do about it?

The simplest method is to just filter it out of your GA Reports. Here’s how:

Text in brackets [ ] are examples – this is for RankSonic’s domain

  1. From your GA Screen, select ADMIN (top)
  2. Under VIEW Select Filters
  3. Click Add Filter
  4. Give the filter a name [RankSonic]
  5. Select Custom for Filter Type
  6. Select Campaign Source from the Filter Field Dropdown
  7. Type in the domain to filter out []
  8. Make sure the escape the dot int he name by adding a backslash in front of the dot. [rank-checker\.online]
  9. Click Verify this Filter and make sure that you are not getting “This filter would not have changed your data” and that you actually get a data set back.


  • It can take up to 24hrs before a new filter takes affect.
  • New filters will not affect existing data.